Graduated Ph.D
who took part in the TEAM Programme of the Foundation for Polish Science

Programme implemented as a part of European Regional Development Fund, Innovative Economy Operational Program 2007-2013,
Priority 1: Research and development of new technologies, Measure 1.2 Strengthening the human resources potential of science.
"Synthesis and Structure of Special Materials in Extreme Conditions" 2010-2014


  1. Witold Zieliński Ph. D, 28 September, 2015
    "Pressure-induced transformations of NH...N bonded crystalline benzimidazoles"
    (Ciśnieniowe przemiany kryształów benzimidazoli z wiązaniami wodorowymi NH...N) [more]
  2. 2014:

  3. Magdalena Sikora Ph.D (17 October, 2014)
    "The Transformation of NH...N and OH...O Hydrogen Bonds in Molecular Crystals"

    (Przekształcenia wiązań wodorowych NH...N i OH...O w kryształach molecularnych) [more]
  4. Weizhao Cai Ph.D (18 June, 2014)
    "Pressure-Induced Transformations in Supramolecular Aggregates"

    (Ciśnieniowe przemiany agregatów supramolekularnych) [more]
  5. Damian Paliwoda Ph.D (16 May, 2014)
    "Intermolecular Interaction in Compressed Crystals"

    (Oddziaływania międzycząsteczkowe w kryształach pod wysokim ciśnieniem) [more]


  6. Anna Olejniczak Ph.D (June 18, 2010)
    "Polymorphism and dielectric properties of crystals of dabco.HA (HA = HI, HBr, HClO4)"

    (Polimorfizm i właściwości dielektryczne kryształów dabco.HA (HA = HI, HBr, HClO4)