September 8-9, 2017

Frolic Goats?

Two goats butting their heads are the symbol of Poznań. Our town is famous for its Goat Clock. Everyday at noon people gather at the Old Market Square around the clock to watch the goats "butt the hours till twelve".

Frolic goats
It is quite an amusing and original show. Two goats come out of the clock as everyone waits in anticipation for the butting to begin. The goats then butt head together twelve times. The story behind the clock is that a long time ago a dinner was to be held for the governor of a province. When a cook burnt a roast deer, he attempted to replace it by stealing two goats from a nearby meadow. The goats somehow managed to escape and after much searching someone saw them in the tower butting heads together (according to another versions, this drew attention to a fire which might otherwise have done significant damage). Because of the entertainment provided, the governor pardoned both the cook and the goats, and ordered two mechanical goats be incorporated into the new clock being made for the town hall building.

Our "high pressure goats" in the workshop logo combine tradition and science by applying pressure with their heads equipped with diamond anvils!