September 8-9, 2017


This year we would concentrate on the practical in-lab pressure work. It will involve practical exercises with the diamond-anvil cell (DAC), its assembling and loading with samples, centring the DAC on a CCD diffractometer, diffraction data collection and processing. Isothermal and isochoric crystallizations will be applied for growing single crystals of new phases of substances brought in by participants. The laboratories will include theoretical and practical parts for both beginner and expert high-pressure crystallographers. The aim of this high-pressure laboratories is to encourage the participants to start high-pressure experiments.

Friday 8th September: from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Saturday 9th September: from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Diamond-anvil cell
The 10th Frolic Goats Workshop on High-Pressure Single-Crystal X-Ray Diffraction using laboratory equipment will consist of hands-on laboratory exercises.

Its primary goal is to disseminate practical skills allowing one to perform high-pressure experiments in an x-ray lab, and to outline possibilities to continue one's studies at dedicated high-pressure beamlines in synchrotrons, nuclear reactors and spallation sources.

Modern x-ray diffraction equipment installed in most laboratories can be used for high-pressure experiments straightforwardly, or after few minor modifications - these modifications can be as simple as mounting a shorter collimator and re-positioning the beam-stop to provide space for the diamond- anvil cell (DAC). The DAC is a simple and relatively cheap device, so crystal structures in high pressure can be studied in most x-ray labs.

Minutes from the previous meetings can be found here||here