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Ph.D. Ewa Patyk-Kaźmierczak

Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Limerick (Ireland) from 2.2017
Graduated PhD, 18 November, 2016
Pressure-induced structural transformations of carbohydrate crystals [more]
Participant of TEAM Programme of the Foundation for Polish Science "Synthesis and Structure of Special Materials in Extreme Conditions" in 2010-2014.

2016 has been awarded a START Programme of the Foundation for Polish Science, directed to young researchers, at the outset of their career, who have already achieved some success in their field

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Vitrification and New Phases in the Water:Pyrimidine Binary Eutectic System
E. Patyk-Kaźmierczak, M. Podsiadło, M. Szafrański, A. Katrusiak
J. Phys. Chem. B 2019 123 7190-7196

The conformations of new CF3 and CF3-CHF containing amides derived from carbohydrates: NMR, crystallographicand DFT study
M. Bilska-Markowska, T. Siodla, E. Patyk-Kaźmierczak, A. Katrusiak, H. Koroniak
New J. Chem. 2017 41 12631-12644

Pressure inverse solubility and polymorphism of an edible γ-cyclodextrin-based metal-organic framework
E. Patyk-Kaźmierczak, M. R. Warren, D. R. Allan, A. Katrusiak
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2017 19 9086-9091
link open access This study was founded by the Preludium program no. 2015/17/N/ST5/01927 of the National Science Center, Poland. Dr Ewa Patyk-Kaźmierczak is a laureate of the START program of the Foundation for Polish Science and Poznań City Hall stipend for young researchers

Intermolecular Contacts in Compressed α-d-Mannose
E. Patyk-Kaźmierczak, M. R. Warren, D. R. Allan, A. Katrusiak,
Cryst. Growth Des. 2016 16 6885-6890

Giant strain geared to transformable H-bonded network in compressed β-D-mannose
E. Patyk , A. Jenczak, A. Katrusiak
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys 2016 18 11474-11479
link open access

Discrete CH. . . N Bonded Patterns Modified by Temperature and Pressure in Four Pyrazine Polymorphs
E. Patyk, M. Podsiadło, A. Katrusiak
Cryst. Growth Des. 2015 15 5670-5674

CH...N bonds and dynamics in isostructural pyrimidine polymorphs
E. Patyk, M. Podsiadło, A. Katrusiak
Cryst. Growth Des. 2015 15 4039-4044

Transformable H-bonds and conformation in compressed glucose
E. Patyk, A. Katrusiak,
Chem. Sci. 2015 6 1991-1995
link open access

Conformational and H-Bonding Preferences for Facile Racemate Crystallization of Ribose
E. Patyk, A. Katrusiak,
Chirality 2014 26 806-810 link

Isothermal and Isochoric Crystallization of Highly Hygroscopic Pyridine N-Oxide of Aqueous Solution
E. Patyk, J. Marciniak, H. Tomkowiak, A. Katrusiak, K. Merz,
Acta Crystallogr., Sect. B 2014 70 487-491

High-Pressure (+)-Sucrose Polymorph
E. Patyk, J. Skumiel, M. Podsiadło, A. Katrusiak,
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2012 51 2146-2150

Chiral Aggregation Hierarchy in High-Pressure Resolved 2-Butanol and 2,3-Butanediol
M. Podsiadło, E. Patyk, A. Katrusiak,
CrystEngComm 2012 12 6419-6423

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